Everything You Need To Know About How To Do Business In Iran

Iran is a country which has taken huge turns in history. From a purely secular country, it has transformed into an Islamic country.  Today, Iran is a well-developed country where different people from different walks of life enjoy their daily lives. The country has borders with two major countries of South Asia, specifically, Pakistan and India.

Business In Iran

Iran is a great place to live, work and enjoy. The country has some of the best historical sites of the world. Iran is also not bad when it comes to business. The business opportunities here are quite good, and as a foreigner, you can invest some of your cash here. However just like any other country, Iran has its own set of rules. In this article, we will share with you some facts related to conducting business in Iran. The facts have been discussed in the headings below.

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Work With The Government

Contrary to the general belief, the government in Iran is very helpful when it comes to foreign investors. It will be difficult for you in the beginning to establish a working relationship with the government, however, this is still the best option. Avoid the private sector in the beginning. Most of the successful startups in Iran, like Snapp and Café Bazaar made tremendous progress in the country after affiliating with the Government.

The Working System

The working system in Iran is different and there are certain considerations which you need to ask yourself, if you really want to clarify your vision in this country.  These are:

  • You need to see whether you need another branch or a headquarters in this country. A joint venture is also not out of question.
  • You need to ask yourself whether you have enough knowledge about the market or not? Who are the real players? Which area is worth investing in? All these must be answered.

Understand The New Business Rules

Yes you must be a wonderful business man in your native country, however when coming to Iran, it is no rule of thumb that your native business tactics will work out here as well. You need to understand the market here and after around 8 months of hard work, you will understand what drives businesses to succeed in Iran.


The Sharia Law

You must remember that Iran is a country where thestrict Islamic Sharia Law is followed. Hence, there are certain products or services that have been banned by the Government. Similarly, free mixing of sexes is not allowed here. There are several other things as well which you need to keep in mind, such as public holidays and events that take place here.