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Iran – 3 Opportunities And 3 Challenges To Face As An Investor

Also known as Persia, Iran’s official name is Islamic Republic of Iran. With almost 82 million people residing, it is the second largest Middle Eastern Country. It has a large public sector, which is an amalgamation of mixed and transition economy. Majority of its economy is dominated by the production of oil and gas. With […]

Everything You Need To Know About How To Do Business In Iran

Iran is a country which has taken huge turns in history. From a purely secular country, it has transformed into an Islamic country.  Today, Iran is a well-developed country where different people from different walks of life enjoy their daily lives. The country has borders with two major countries of South Asia, specifically, Pakistan and […]

Trump May Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal – Iran To Use National Currency In Bilateral Trade With Turkey

Trump is provisionally scheduled to unveil his plan in a statement next Thursday, although an official warned that the timing could change. The decision does not completely rule out the deal with Iran, which Trump criticized in the election campaign. Iran has obeyed the nuclear agreement, but Trump is not satisfied. Decertifying the agreement, Trump […]

Iran Heading Towards More EXPO’s

The total exports from Iran in 2015 amounted to slightly over US$40 billion. This represented a decrease of over 50 percent since 2010, a year after the onset of the global recession. From that period, the value of exports from Iran has declined over the years, reduced by an average of 40 percent up to […]

Doing Business in Iran: An Overview

Various personalities and company chiefs have had long-term interests in doing business in Iran. A majority of them have however come with renewed interests following the recent lifting of sanctions that have stood for long. Some of the sanctions date back to 1979 while others are still outstanding to date meaning that any company or […]

A Comprehensive Strategy of Doing Business in Iran

After sanctions that had stood for years had been removed from the nation, foreign governments, international corporations, and the people of Iran expect to realize a change in the investment climate. However, if you go through some of the headlines from the nation of Iran that have been printed in the recent past, you might […]